Simple as that

Domino project design reinvented

A tool allowing you to design your domino projects with ease, without any installation and completely free.

Text generator

More than 1000 type faces (with google font) usable to generate textual frescoes

Image generator

Create your frescoes from images

Multi project

Possibility to manage as many projects as you want (creation of an account required)

Workplan & Dimension

Adjustable workplan, possibility of moving and zooming. Domino and workplan configurable with a grid system.


Export of your projects in a summary PDF file, as well as an excel file for assembling dominoes. HTML tools to help with the construction


Ability to configure different color palettes for your dominoes. Management of transparent dominoes

What's next

This platform is very young (born in 2022), its creator has plenty of ideas to improve the platform and add new functionalities


Management of walls (fallwall, speedwall...), spirals, circle bombs...

3D preview

Possibility to see your project in 3D and see a version even closer than the real one.

Languages and optimization ...

Add new languages, optimization of algorithms, and...

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